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To subscribe to all London Stock Exchange generated alerts for the companies of your choice.

Text RNS + EPICCODE to 64343

All messages received cost 1.00 plus your own network charges.

The maximum number of premium messages sent per day will be limited to thirty. However under normal circumstances the majority of companies do not tend to issue more the 5 - 8 RNS announcements a month..

Follow the instructions we send you then we will then inform you every time there is a news alert for your stock.

For example to get news alerts for Marks and Spencer Group PLC text

RNS MKS to 64343


Then reply to the message we send you with


For full terms and conditions click here

To unsubscribe from a company you would send RNS EPICCODE STOP to 64343.

To cancel all subscriptions send RNS STOP to 64343

Helpline 020 3773 4698 .

RNSAlerts - We watch so you don't have to.

Contact Information

General Information: rnsinfo@rnsalerts.co.uk:
Webmaster: rnsweb@rnsalerts.co.uk



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Send mail to rnsweb@rnsalerts.co.uk with questions or comments about this web site.
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RNSAlerts is a subscription service. All news alert messages sent by RNSAlerts.co.uk are charged at 1.00 per message until you send RNS STOP to 64343. The maximum charge per day is 30.00 to comply with UK regulations. We will send you a free message informing you each time you have received 20 premium messages from RNSAlerts.co.uk and on a monthly basis to remind you that you are subscribed. If you wish to unsubscribe from all RNSAlerts.co.uk services send RNS STOP to 64343. Full terms and conditions are available here.. Helpline 020 3773 4698. Service Provided by Nagsall Ltd